Smart Herb Garden FAQ

  • How to set up the Smart Herb Garden?

    You will find a short setup guide here.

    How to add seeds (in case seeds are not glued into cartridge)?

    Here is a short video that explains how to do that. Basically you need to pour the seeds from the seed packages in the middle of the refill. NB! After adding seeds, don't forget to put dome on to have a greenhouse effect.

  • When can I remove the dome?

    We suggest to keep the dome (transparent cap) on as long as the plants have come out from the hole and on the plastic surface already. After that you can remove the dome. They don't need the "greenhouse effect" anymore. Just to inform you - the white plastic lids are not meant to be taken off at all.

    Click & Grow plant domes
  • Should I remove refill lead?

    No, you don't need to remove anything from the refill. The only thing you need to remove is the green sticker.

  • How to set/adjust the light timer?

    Timer's working schedule is 16 hours on and 8 hours off. Please mind that the light goes very dim, not completely off. Every time you plug the Smart Herb Garden into power socket it will start the schedule from the beginning. For example: if you plug the Smart Herb Garden in 8AM, it will turn itself off 12AM (after being 16 hours on) and again on 8AM.

  • Why is there mold on my cartridge?

    Mold can sometimes occur. We don't use any kind of fungicides, pesticides, hormones or any other kind of poisons in our product to keep it away either.

    Firstly remove the domes and if needed, the white plastic U-shaped lids as well, to let the plants have some more air and light. Secondly move it to a place with plenty natural light (while using the built-in light as well). Usually the winter months are responsible for this and the problem will solve itself.

  • Why is the light flashing?

    Usually the flashing light indicates low water level but in some cases there is enough water in the water reservoir but the light is still flashing. A quick fix for the flashing light problem - lift up the lamp arm to the second position, it should help. There can be two reasons that can cause it:

    • The light arm is in wrong position - The lamp arm has 3 different positions and in the beginning it should be in the lowest position. If the light will flash, try to push the lamp arm as low as possible.
    • The indication float is in wrong position - to fix it please follow next steps:
      • Step 1. Take cartridges out
      • Step 2. Take out the light
      • Step 3. Remove the top lid
      • Step 4. Pour out the water (if needed)
      • Step 5. Make sure that the tiny float is in place (next to the light slot), magnet is placed in the upper part of the float and faced towards the light slot, exactly as shown on the picture below
        Click and Grow - SHG indication float position
  • What to do if I have the wrong power adapter?

    We are producing the Smart Herb Gardens only with US and EU type of plugs. For example, if you're from UK you have received EU type of plug. In order to start using the Smart Herb Garden, you will need to purchase an adaptor to start using it. Here's how an adaptor looks like: power adaptor.

  • Where are the black units / what to do with a wrong colored lid?

    If you received the unit with wrong colored lid, we are sorry! We will ship the lids with the correct color in January. If you received a white unit although you pledged for black, we will ship you the black one also in January because the black Smart Herb Gardens are still under production.

  • What about Kickstarter stretch goals and mobile app?

    People who increased their pledge to receive additional units, will receive their extra units ASAP. We also haven't forgotten about the mobile app, it is currently being developed and we hope to be ready with it by Summer.

  • How can I change my shipping address?

    Unfortunately, we couldn't change any shipping addresses during the shipping which many of you asked. If your unit has been shipped to your old address and you haven't received it, it will be held in your local post office. If you haven't collected it there, it will be shipped back to us. After this happens, we will contact you to confirm your new address and then ship it on the correct address.

  • What are the dimensions of the Smart Herb Garden?

    Dimensions: 353 x 126 x 308 mm (13.9 x 4.96 x 12.1 in). Weight: 994 g (2.19 lb)

General FAQ

  • How long does it take for plants to fully grow?

    Different plants have different life cycles. Most plants grow 3-9 months, chili peppers and some blooming plants up to 12-18 months. The life time of a plant also depends on the light available, your room temperature and the way you look after the plant. For example, if you cut off all leaves off an edible herb at once, the plant may die.

  • How much power do smart gardens require?

    We've designed our smart gardens as energy efficient as possible. The batteries for the Smart Flowerpot last for 8-12 months, and you're welcome to use rechargeable batteries. With the Smart Herb Garden, we've worked with the worlds leading LED technologists to invent a natural-looking light system that gives plants enough light to grow while only requiring 6 watts of energy. This keeps the electricity bill for running the Smart Herb Garden a whole year to around 4-5 dollars

  • Are Click & Grow plants organic?

    We're fans of pure food and non-GMO plants and haven't put anything in our products that is even remotely suspicious.

    There are no pesticides, fungicides, insecticides, plant hormones or any other suspicious substances in our products. And there's no need for them - a well watered and fed plant with perfect growing conditions can defend itself without any outside help. All we have added is some minerals to feed the plant. Although the mineral salts we use are chemically the same as in all organic fertilizers, in most countries it cannot be certified as "organic".

  • How often do you need to fill the water reservoir?

    You'd need to fill the water tank once every 3-6 weeks, and an indicator on the front panel will remind you of that.

  • What plants are available with Click & Grow smart gardens?

    Our smart gardens currently grow the following herbs: mini tomato, chili pepper, basil, thyme, garden sage, lemon balm, sugar leaf.

    You can also grow the following decorative plants: busy lizzy, china pink, cockscomb, lamb’s ear, painted nettle.

    Our gardening team is constantly working to provide new and interesting plant refills.

  • Can I use my own seeds?

    Your gardening team is constantly working to provide new and interesting plant refills. Also, we're looking into selling Pro refills, available for the Smart Herb Garden, for users who want to sow their own seeds.

  • Why do I need to activate my product?

    Although we've made growing plants as simple as possible, there are still things to keep in mind that ensure your smart garden grows healthy beautiful plants. Activating your product records the time your plant started to grow and your smart garden batch number, this way we can give you the best possible support if needed. It also connects you to the community of Click & Grow indoor growers around the world.

  • How does Click & Grow work exactly?

    The backbone of our smart gardens is the nano technological growth medium, or smart soil. It contains pockets for oxygen even when it's wet and supplies plants with an optimal amount of nutrients.

    Some of our products contain sensors and special software that optimize releasing water and nutrients. We've also invented a grow light that helps plants germinate and grow faster at early stages.

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Our technology is based on the way plants naturally grow in soil.

Despite lots of high technology involved with Click & Grow, plants are grown naturally, using biomimicry as the main source for inspiration and innovation.