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Sprouts in 1-2 weeks

Full size in 1-2 months

Enjoy for 2-5 months

Busy Lizzy Refill for Smart flowerbed



The Busy Lizzy is a perfect houseplant for impatient flower lovers. It sprouts unbelievably fast and fills your room with lots and lots of leaves and colorful blossoms. It's an excellent choice for the cozy home of any rookie gardener, as it is very durable: delicate outside, tough inside.

This Busy Lizzy, like all our plants, includes no GMOs, pesticides, fungicides, insecticides, plant hormones, or any other suspicious substances. Nature at its purest.

How does the Smartpot refill work?

Just insert the refill in your Smarpot

It's easy to get started with the Click & Grow Smartpot refills. Just peel off the safety sticker from refill, insert it into your Smartpot and fill the water pit.

Plants thrive in our Smart Soil

Our nano-tech growth medium gives plants the right amount of water, oxygen and nutrients at all times.

Technology does all the work

The sensors and software in the Smartpot measure your plants life-stats and make sure it is feeling well.

Plants still need a little love and common sense

Despite the technology involved, always remember it's a live plant. Please don't place your plant away from light and don't cut off all the leaves at once.

Shipping information

Free shipping is available on orders over $50. Products are dispatched on the same working day and usually reach their intended recipients in less than a week. Due to strict customs regulations for live seeds we don't ship our products to Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Russia and Brazil.

Warranty & refunds

Full warranty for 12 months

Should anything happen to the smart garden we'll happily exchange it for a new one during the first 12 months since purchase.

We offer fast email support to all customers and are able to sort out any issues quickly.

Photos from happy users

What the owners are saying

“I'm really into these Smartpots and a proud owner of three by now. All started with the cockscomb Smartpot that became the centerpiece of my living room so I decided to get one with basil and of course with strawberry for my kitchen. I can say that I recommend these easy-to-use gadgets.” - Irma K.
“My girlfriend gave me the Smartpot with chili pepper because she thought it was a great way to combine my love for Scandinavian design and technology. And she nailed it! Works as advertised. Love this product and especially the attention it always gets from everyone visiting.” - Paul S.

Our technology is based on the way plants naturally grow in soil.

We use innovative NASA-inspired technology that helps the herbs grow a little faster but still 100% naturally.

Our specially developed Smart soil balances oxygen, water and nutritional ingredients at an optimal level. It’s all nature at its purest.