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This summer break, let the kids take care of your plants

In the age of packaged foods and the drive-thru, it's more important than ever to help kids connect to nature and appreciate real food. So this summer, get your kids a garden as a science project!

How the Click & Grow indoor garden works

It's so simple that a kid can do it: all you have to do is fill the water tank, insert the plant capsules and plug the garden in. You'll see plants sprouting in no time.

Singularity University

Soon you'll see kids leaning over their Click & Grow every five minutes to check for sprouts: experiencing pure, unmitigated joy and elation.

First batch of produce from the Click & Grow Wall Farm at Singularity University

And the best part? You can grow any plant you want! From moving mimosa to stunning flowers and tasty edibles, the self-watering garden will help anyone connect with nature even in the most dense concrete jungle.

Benefits of the smart garden

  • Encouraging and enabling local food production
  • Inspiring conservation of nature through educational products
  • Promoting clean & organic food consumption

Ready for a fun science project?

This summer, do things differently. Stay away from screens and focus on nature.

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