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Smart Garden 3 Subscription

By subscribing to a year's worth of plants, you’ll get the Smart Garden 3 for just 19.95$ as part of our exclusive limited-time offer. 

We’ll make sure you’ll always have plants to grow by sending over 2 x 3-packs (5 plant pod shipments per year) straight to your door! Each shipment will be just 19.95$

The first shipment will include your Smart Garden 3. Next 5 shipments will include 2 plant 3-packs of your own choice. 


Here's what you'll get:


  1. SMART GARDEN WITH AN 80% DISCOUNT - It's impossible to get a better price. 
  1. TOTAL OF 10 x 3-packs: You commit to 5 shipments containing 2 plant pod 3-packs of your own choice. Your Smart Garden 3 will be included in the first delivery. First delivery will be just $19.95, next 5 shipments will be just $19.95 each. 
  1. FREE SHIPPING ON ALL ORDERS. You save up to 50$ on shipment alone!
  1. FULL CUSTOMISABILITY: You choose what plants you want to receive. You can change the selection before each shipment. 
  1. NEVER RUN OUT OF PLANTS: You’ll always have something growing. Delivered right to your door. 
  1. NO CATCH. JUST A GREAT OFFER: No hidden costs. You pay only what’s advertised.



NB! Discounted price only applicable when subscribing to 5 x plant pod deliveries.


    Free shipping on orders from $50*

    Shipping Times

    Product Current shipping estimate
    Smart Garden 3 7 to 14 business days
    Smart Garden 9 7 to 14 business days
    Plant Pods 7 to 14 business days
    Wall Farm 8 weeks


    *Shipping fees will be applied on extra large orders depending on the weight of the order. Shipping fees for subscription products are calculated separately.

    Due to customs regulations for plants and seeds we don't ship our products to Australia, New Zealand, Russia and Brazil. See the full list of countries we DO ship to here.


    1 Year Hassle-Free Warranty

    For information and support: send us a message

    Regular price $99.95
    For orders shipping to Non-EU countries additional taxes and fees may apply in accordance with local customs regulations.

    Get Started In Just Three Simple Steps

    Insert the capsules

    Our plant capsules are biodegradeable and contain no harmful chemicals.

    Add water

    The Smart Garden has a 1.2L/40oz water tank, which holds enough water for a whole month.

    Plug it in

    Thanks to its energy efficient LED lighting system, the Smart Garden only consumes 6W of power.

    Lighting the Way for Growth

    The Smart Garden’s adjustable LED lamp furnishes plants with an enhanced light spectra that spurs growth. Thanks to the lamp's improved modular construcion, there's no limit to how tall your plants can grow.

    Our Smart Soil does all the work

    Inspired by NASA technology, Smart Soil creates the perfect environment plants need to thrive. It releases nutrients in sync with the plant's life cycle, keeps soil pH balanced, and employs tiny oxygen pockets to guarantee plants get ample breathing room and nutrients even when the soil is wet.

    Grow Anything you like

    Choose from a variety of over 30 pre-seeded plant capsules or get our experimental refill and grow anything you'd like.

    Explore our plants

    Are you ready to eat better?

    Regular price $99.95
    For orders shipping to Non-EU countries additional taxes and fees may apply in accordance with local customs regulations.