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Spicy Salsa Mix (9-pack)

Best Salsa is made from homegrown fruits and herbs. It’s easy to grow them with our Mix that'll let you enjoy the freshest Salsa all-year-round. Just add some garlic, lime juice, olive oil and season to taste!

  • You’ll get 9 plant capsules: 3 x Mini Tomato, 3 x Chili Pepper and 3 x Parsley plants that will last you a year!
  • Mini Tomato is the easiest way to add antioxidants to your food while Parsley will supply you with vitamins A, K and C. The spectacular chili pepper will not only spice up any meal, but will also do the same to your sex life, as it’s a known aphrodisiac. 
  • Compatible with the Smart Herb Garden 


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