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Listen, You Really ARE Eating Too Much Salt

August 29, 2016 by Anna Selecka

Click & Grow Smart Indoor Herb Garden: Replacing Too Much Salt with Herbs and Spices


Unless you're an incredibly careful health nut who studies through the nutritional contents of literally everything you put in your mouth, and calculates your mineral intake, chance are you're eating way too much salt. While the recommended salt intake is 3.75 grams per day aka 1500mg of sodium, most of us consume at least 8.5(!!) grams. There. That's the big, salty truth.

If your weekday dinner includes a frozen pizza and you're munching on chicken nuggets and fries on a regular basis, it might not come as a big shock for you. After all, we all know that too much salt = unhealthy, and unhealthy = fast food. But if you think you have managed to maintain at least a moderately healthy diet, it might be saltier than you think:

Your Guide To Beer And Food Pairing

August 04, 2016 by Anna Selecka

Click & Grow Guide to Beer and Food Pairing


With the trend of beer and food pairing on the rise, we (as quite solid beer AND food  lovers) got curious and wanted to break the science down to details - what specific dishes would certain beers pair best with? Long story short - after hundreds of meals and hours spent researching, we came to realize that beer and food pairing is truly an art, and that we'll always order Porter with spicy BBQ ribs.

How To Attract Butterflies With Click & Grow Parsley

July 20, 2016 by Anna Selecka

Attract butterflies with Click & Grow parsley


Recently, we received a beautiful letter from a Click & Grower named Ruth, telling an incredible story of how she managed to raise and attract butterflies with her Smart Herb Garden. It was the coolest thing we've read all week, and we knew we had to share this with you.

Best 4th of July Recipes from the Click & Grow team

June 28, 2016 by Anna Selecka

Best 4th of July recipes from the Click & Grow team


We love food. After all, we do work for Click & Grow. And for the first time ever, we wanted to share our love for food with you in the form of our best 4th of July recipes - there's something for everyone. Cook 'em up, enjoy, and don't forget to drop us a snap on Facebook or Instagram!

This Is The Simplest Sorbet Recipe You'll Ever Try

June 22, 2016 by Anna Selecka

PureWow One-Ingredient Watermelon Sorbet Recipe


Watermelon juice has been on the rise lately, being praised by lifestyle bloggers, health and fitness nuts, and even the salespeople in our local farmers market. And it makes sense - you might think that watermelon is nothing but water and fructose, but it's actually an impressively great source of vitamin C, phenolic antioxidants, lycopene (important to the health of your cardiovascular system), vitamin A, and other nutrients.

It all sounds pretty great, but let's be honest - while filling up on salads and countless glasses of watermelon juice, all anyone is actually wishing for on a steamy summer day is a big portion of freezing cold, refreshing ice-cream. If only it would come as guilt-free as those bottles of cold-pressed juice... Well. It does now!

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