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3 surprising dwarf basil cocktail recipes

August 23, 2015 by Anna Selecka


We have a new superstar among our refills - the Dwarf Basil. It's basically the regular basil after the extreme makeover. The same capabilities and good qualities in a lot more compact and better looking form. It has a slightly more peppery flavor that's amazing for spicing up savory dishes. But that's not it. The great looks make it a lot better for herb cocktails - it gives up a lot more flavor and it makes the cocktail look more decorative. Here's our 3 favorite recipes!

4 easy-peasy uses for stevia

August 16, 2015 by Anna Selecka



Here at Click & Grow, we're a little bit of health freaks. Our production manager runs 10km every morning before work, our COO and CEO attend the team meetings on a waist twisting disc, and there probably isn't any sport our support specialist hasn't tried. And that's not all. The heck, we're growing our own lunch with space technology! BUT.

We do like to indulge. Especially with candy. Unfortunately, it doesn't really benefit our diets and workout regimens. So our gardener came up with a sneaky plan and started growing stevia in the office. One thing lead to another, and we decided to send this fitness angel of a plant out in the world and offer it to you as one of the refills for the Smart Herb Garden.

1 little and mighty tip to make your basil produce more

August 09, 2015 by Anna Selecka



Basil is by far the most popular herb being grown in the Smart Herb Garden. And for a reason! It's looks sexy, it smells delicious and it's incredibly versatile. The heck, you can even make beer out of it! But there is one little yet mighty tip that's gonna make your basil even more handsome and make it produce a whole lot more.

Urban farming olympics: Hydroponics vs. Smart Soil

August 02, 2015 by Priit Pedastsaar


Over the years, we have conducted hundreds and hundreds of experiments here in the Click & Grow lab, testing everything from different plants to different fertilisers. Heck, we've even played music to the plants. And all that only to find the most efficient, most effortless and most "natural" urban gardening solutions. So quite naturally, the question about gardening techniques came up in the conversation amongst our team members. Which is a more superior - hydroponics or Smart Soil?

6 benefits of urban farming vs. traditional farming

July 26, 2015 by Anna Selecka


During the past years, urban farming aka. growing food in urban areas has become a world-wide trend, and it keeps on growing (pun intended). It has become stylish, it is being claimed to be the future of food, and new "smart gardening" brands are popping up faster than ever. But what is it that makes urban farming so irresistible and seemingly superior to traditional farming in the century of urbanization?

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