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A self-watering garden that grows plants automatically.
Grow any plant with zero effort.


Indoor Herb Gardens & Indoor Farms

Get Started In Three Easy Steps

Insert the capsules

Our plant capsules are biodegradeable and contain no environmentally harmful chemicals.

Add water

Our indoor herb gardens have water tanks big enough to last a whole month.

Plug it in

Automated LED lamps make our gardens energy efficient and provide optimum lighting conditions all year round.

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“With the Smart Farm city-dwellers can even turn a pantry or closet into an ultra-efficient indoor farm that can grow hundreds—or even thousands—of plants in a year.”
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“The time people have to spend actually tending to the plants is minimized.”
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“If you can change the cartridge in your printer, you can grow a tomato without the hassle of remembering when to water or fertilize it.”

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