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10 Facts That Make Click & Grow Great Value for Money

10 Facts That Make Click & Grow Great Value for Money

Here at Click & Grow we believe you deserve the very best. We create high-quality indoor gardens enabling you to grow the freshest food and the most beautiful flowers all year round.

Here are some key elements which make our products great value for money:


1. Smart Gardens Are an Incredible Blend of Science and Technology

We produce the world’s easiest to use indoor gardens. All of our technology is 100% free of GMOs and harmful substances.

At the heart of our technology is Smart Soil. Inspired by NASA's technology, Smart Soil creates the perfect environment for plants to thrive in. It releases nutrients in sync with the plant life cycle and keeps soil pH balanced. It also employs tiny oxygen pockets to guarantee plants get sufficient breathing room and nutrients even when the soil is wet. Smart Soil is exclusive to Click & Grow.


2. Smart Gardens Have a High Quality Build and Contemporary Design

Design is not just about how the product looks or feels, it’s also about how the product works. We’re proud to say that the designer of Click & Grow’s Smart Gardens is Mika Nenonen, the former lead ID designer of Nest and Nokia. Read all about his incredible vision here. A Smart Garden naturally brightens any living space. It’s more than just a garden, it’s also an incredible piece of artistry.


3. The Smart Garden Contains a Revolutionary Lamp

A lot of time, research and innovation has gone into the Smart Garden’s lamp. It has an extraordinary inbuilt timer which means it stays on for 16 hours and automatically switches itself off for 8 hours. It bathes the plants in an enhanced light spectra. Our lamps provide the perfect amount of light for fast growth.

The lamp’s red and white LED lights can last for an incredible 7 years if used every day. The red light spectrum will make the photosynthesis process more efficient, resulting in better growth and healthier plants.


4. We Carry Out Extensive Plant Research

An enormous amount of time goes into researching and selecting the plants for our plant pod collection. One of the many factors we research is the heat sensitivity of our plants.

We’re always looking to make new, exciting additions too. Whether you’re interested in growing healthy herbs or indoor flowering plants, we have something for every taste and preference.  Furthermore, each plant page contains a ‘plant care’ tab, providing invaluable tips to help you get started.


5. 100% Organic

All of our plants are 100% organic. You have peace of mind knowing that our plants never contain any GMOs, pesticides or additives. Our Smart Gardens allow you to grow the freshest herbs and the most gorgeous flowers from the comfort of your home.


6. Smart Gardens Are Self-watering and Extremely Easy to Use

Click & Grow’s indoor gardens are amazingly convenient. Our revolutionary smart soil really does all the work for you.

Once your garden’s set up and you’ve inserted the plant pods, simply add water and plug it in.


7. Smart Gardens Inspire Others to Live Greener

Owning a Smart Garden is a testament to the healthy lifestyle choices you are making. This rubs off on others. A Smart Garden is a tangible example of organic and green living that others can feel inspired by. Watch as your guests marvel at your self-watering garden, growing the healthiest greens all year round.


8. Smart Gardens Can Be Used in So Many Places

Smart Gardens look incredible and can be housed almost anywhere. Our Smart Gardens are used in homes and workplaces alike. Want to get your young ones involved in gardening? Gardening with kids has never been easier. More and more Smart Gardens are being used in schools and nurseries to give children hands-on experience of growing their own food and flowers. The Smart Garden’s design makes it an instant hit in any indoor environment.


9. Free Customer Support is Provided by Our Dedicated Specialists

Our support team strives to make your experience with our products as smooth and enjoyable as possible. No question is too insignificant for them and they’re always here to guide you in the right direction. We believe customer support is vitally important. You are our priority. Never be afraid to ask us for help.


10. Free, Expert Advice is Provided by Our Experienced Gardeners

We’re privileged to have an expert team of gardeners who are always on hand to answer your plant-related queries. If you’re growing plants in your Smart Garden, be sure to make use of their advice. You can contact them using our very popular ‘Ask a Gardener’ forum.

Thousands of Click & Grow Community members have discovered the joys of growing their own fresh food and flowers with Click & Grow. We believe choosing to grow plants at home is one of the most health conscious choices you could ever make. Let us help you on your journey. You won’t regret it!

Be sure to check out our blog for exciting features such as green living tips, information on how to grow plants indoors and much more.

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