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10 Reasons for Foodies to Own an Indoor Plant System

10 Reasons for Foodies to Own an Indoor Plant System

Do you consider yourself a foodie? If so, you’re certainly not alone! Over the last decade, studying good food has become a passion for so many of us. We eagerly watch cooking shows and read cooking books to boost our knowledge. We love to travel so we can sample different cuisines from around the world. We learn food-related lingo so we can chat with chefs at the restaurants we dine at. For many of us, there’s a sense of pride in learning about food and applying our knowledge in the kitchen. Being a foodie is not simply a passing craze. It’s become a way of life. Here are 10 reasons why owning a Click & Grow indoor garden will change your life as a foodie. 

1. Guaranteed fresh

Foodies understand the value of fresh food. Not only does fresh food taste better, it’s also much healthier. Fruits and vegetables tend to lose 50% of their healthy nutrients within a week of being harvested. In many cases, store-bought food has been harvested early and travelled countless miles before reaching the shelves. Click & Grow gives you an alternative: a garden-to-plate experience. You harvest the food when it’s ready and at its optimal nutritional value. The result is the freshest fruits, herbs and salad greens for you to cook with and share on social media.

Click & Grow Foodie

Image: Daša Švaikovskaya

With many hydroponic systems, plants need to be planted and harvested at the same time because their roots become tangled together. With a Click & Grow smart garden, you can add or replace any single plant without it affecting the others. This means you can grow herbs or salads in rotation so there is always something fresh to harvest and cook with. Using a smart garden is super simple. Just add your plant pods, water and plug it in. Our smart soil technology and LED grow lights give your plants the optimal conditions to thrive.

2. Full range of nutrients

Our in-house testing has indicated that antioxidative activity in fresh Click and Grow lettuce is 1.8 times higher than store-bought lettuce in plastic boxes and 3 times higher than lettuce grown in a hydroponic system. This is possible due to the way smart soil technology feeds plants. You’ll notice that your Click & Grow greens and herbs taste more intense than store bought produce. As one of our community members, Suzanne, described it: “You can always tell when I’m using Click & Grow plants in my cooking because it’s just got that little bit of extra pop and I really enjoy that.”


Click & Grow Foodie

Image: @schaun_wa_mal

With Click & Grow produce, you can plan creative meals knowing your plants are super nutritious. To give you some examples: 

- One cup (10 gr) of arugula provides 12% of an adult’s recommended daily allowance (RDA) of vitamin K and 14% of vitamin A. 

- One cup of green chard’s baby leaves (36 gr) provides 16% of an adult’s RDA for vitamin A, 14% for vitamin C and 332% for vitamin K.

- One cup (20 gr) of red kale leaves provides 7% of an adult’s RDA of vitamin A, 26% of vitamin C and 90% of vitamin K. 

- One cup of romaine lettuce baby leaves (35 gr) provides 82% of an adult’s RDA for vitamin K and 14% for vitamin A.  

3. Access to staple ingredients anytime, anywhere

With a smart garden, you never have to wait for your favourite herbs, salads, fruits and vegetables to be in season. You can grow them any time of year and enjoy them when they’re most flavoursome and nutritious. Want to grow mini tomatoes or wild strawberries in winter? No problem, the smart indoor garden makes it possible. How about bell peppers, kale or lettuce? Again, the smart garden has it all covered. The Smart Garden 3, Smart Garden 9 and Smart Garden 9 PRO fit snugly on your kitchen counter - perfect if you’re an urban foodie living in a small apartment in the city. The Click & Grow 25 allows you to enjoy even more yield, taking up floor space the size of a microwave oven. It’s like having your own mini farmer’s market in your kitchen. The smart garden’s grow lights will create ambient light that’s great for taking photographs of your food.

Click & Grow Foodie

Image: @lemonypotato

4. Access to secret ingredients


Are you fond of world cuisines? A smart garden lets you grow exotic ingredients yet to be discovered by the masses. Plants such as shungiku, mountain savory and red frill mustard are fun to experiment with and will help you create unique dishes for your family, friends and social media followers. Experience the unique tastes of these plants knowing they’re super healthy as well.

5. Unlock your culinary creativity

Having readily available herbs will inspire you to create recipes on the fly. Sophie, one of our community members described it perfectly: “The biggest benefit is fresh food. It’s fresh, it’s right there, you can walk into the kitchen and grab some lettuce and put it on your sandwich.” When you create a special dish, why not share it in the Click & Grow community? A Click & Grow subscription will ensure you’re never without your favourite ingredients to grow for your meals.

6. Enjoy more self-sufficiency

A foodie understands how important it is to have a connection with the food you eat. Nothing compares to the feeling of eating herbs, fruits or veggies you grew yourself. For urban foodies, it’s not always possible to grow plants outdoors as space is limited. With a smart garden you can start being more self-sufficient in growing some of your own ingredients at home under grow lights. Look forward to the unmistakable taste of fresh, homegrown fruit and vegetables.

Click & Grow Foodie

Image: @x_wanderlust_g

7. Become a more sustainable cook

Growing food at home, even moderately, means less trips to the shop for ingredients. This translates into fewer transport emissions, fewer pesticides released into the ground and water supply, less plastic used for wrapping and a more eco-friendly home. On top of this, a smart garden helps you cut back on food waste. You only need to grow as much as you need and harvest it when it’s ready. With store bought produce, there’s a tendency to buy more than we need. 

Last year, by growing food in their smart gardens, Click & Growers helped to avoid almost 260 tonnes of food waste. At the same time they saved 4 million liters of water and avoided 19.2 tonnes of CO2 emissions from road journeys. By growing ingredients in a smart garden, you can be part of this sustainable revolution.

8. Time-efficient way to grow food


Growing your own produce through conventional horticulture can be a full time job. You don’t necessarily have that kind of time. A smart garden grows food in the background under grow lights while you go about your daily life. No previous plant-growing experience is necessary. While the smart garden is growing your food, you’ll have more time to research recipes, create new ones and plan exciting meals. With a Click & Grow subscription, you can save time, getting plants delivered to your door and never being without your favourite ingredients.

Click & Grow Foodie

Image: @thyme0ut

9. Free knowledge base

Browse our blog, support pages and gardening community for recipes and tips on how to use your yields. Download the mobile app on iOS or Android to receive plant care tips, watch video tutorials and connect remotely to the Smart Garden 9 PRO. The best part? All of this is completely free! We’re constantly updating and adding to our knowledge base so you can enjoy the best experience of using your smart garden

10. Get inspiration from a social media community of fresh food lovers 

When you own a Click & Grow smart indoor garden, you become part of a caring community. Some of our most passionate community members are foodies who grow ingredients in smart gardens on their kitchen countertops, windowsills and even bedrooms! A love for fresh food is something all Click & Growers have in common. Get inspiration from our social media channels for recipes and discover new plants to try.

Ready to start growing the freshest, tastiest food at home? 

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