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14 Valentine's Cards Rocking Plant Puns For Any Mood


There are few things we love more than nature and a good pun. So for this Valentine's, we won't tell you we love you (although we do) or send you chocolates. What we've done instead is combine plants and puns into 14 witty Valentine's Day cards for any mood - feel free to save them or share this link with whomever you wish. Happy Valenlime's Day!


P.S. If you don't have a gift yet...we've got that covered as well.




Plant puns yam





Plant puns thyme





Plant puns banana



Plant puns spruce



Plant puns chives



Plant puns tomatoes



Plant puns carrots





Plant puns mimosa



Plant puns wild strawberries 



Plant puns figs



Plant puns lime


Start growing the love

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  • Hi, Sleana! Thanks for the tip, we’ll definitely put it to use next time!

    @KIm, good ones!

    Click & Grow on

  • Would be great if you could download each card separately, right now it only let’s you download a jpg of all the images.

    Sleana on

  • You forgot: “LETTUCE be together!” or “You make my heart BEET!” “You’re so beautiful you make me artiCHOKE on my food!” or “I will SQUASH anyone who wants to hurt you!”
    Tee hee ?

    KIm Poulton on

  • That’s just for me I’M always cold number 4 i love hot stuff really fun eatable sayings I love them

    Amun Prubia on

  • The chilis look cute enough to cuddle with :D

    Josh on

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