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5 Holiday Gift Experiences to Soothe Mind, Body and Soul

5 Holiday Gift Experiences to Soothe Mind, Body and Soul

Giving a gift is a great way to show your appreciation to loved ones, friends and colleagues. But, why settle for any old gift? Give someone a unique experience that’ll really make a difference in their life. Here’s a list of 5 suggestions to inspire you.

1. The joy of growing a garden 

Gardener having fun using Click and Grow smart gardens.

There’s a Chinese proverb that says, ‘Life begins the day you start a garden.’ How true! Here at Click and Grow we believe everyone deserves the joy of growing their own garden. It’s an experience unlike any other. 

Smart gardens provide plants that nourish your body while also decorating your home and lifting your spirits. They're easy to use, fun to watch and help people get more connected with nature — which is something we could all use more of these days! 

It's also a great gift experience for families with young children because it encourages bonding and learning together. The possibilities are endless. With a Click and Grow subscription, there’ll always be something incredible to grow at home.

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2. Motivation to get out and enjoy the great outdoors

Man holding a camera and observing the horizon.

If you're looking to give a gift that's as good for the environment as it is for the people who receive it, consider an AllTrails subscription. AllTrails is a fitness and travel mobile app that’s perfect for runners, hikers, backpackers, bikers and more.

The app gives users a sense of adventure by helping them find nearby trails to explore. These trails can be used for a leisurely stroll or a more intense workout. Either way, it’ll give them an exciting reason to get some exercise, breathe in some fresh air and explore the great outdoors.

3. The gift of a good night’s sleep

Woman sleeping under the covers in bed.

You can't buy peace of mind, but you can get a subscription to Calm, an app that helps soothe you with meditation sessions. Sleep isn’t the only thing the app helps with, it also has a growing content library to assist with self-improvement, reducing stress and improving focus.

Sleep is an often overlooked aspect of a healthy life. It helps you feel refreshed, energized and ready to face the day. It also helps you maintain your health and wellbeing by ensuring your body gets the rest it needs. A truly unique gift idea.

4. A relaxing day at the spa

Spa room with calming ambience.

In our busy lives, it can be difficult to find time for pampering. But it’s important to remember that the little things count. Treat someone who is rushed off their feet to a spa day, and they’ll appreciate your thoughtfulness.

A massage is one of the most popular spa treatments available today. It can help with stress relief, aid circulation and improve muscle tone while leaving them feeling relaxed and rejuvenated after just one session. Why not give them a gift voucher for a spa close to where they live?

5. Cooking courses

Happy couple cooking together in the kitchen.

Know someone who loves to cook? Treat them to a culinary journey with online cooking courses. Whether they're a beginner or an expert, there are plenty of options - a great example is a YesChef subscription. It includes lessons from some of the top chefs of world cuisine. 

With online courses, the recipient can start at any time and work whenever it's most convenient for them. They won’t need to spend hours commuting or find childcare so they can attend class in person. All that’s needed is an internet connection.

We hope these ideas help you provide a unique gift-giving experience this year. From all of us at Click & Grow, have a happy holiday season!


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