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Taking care of plants during winter


Here at the Northern hemisphere we are getting ready for winter. Our supporters from Down-Under can skip this section for now.

Basic knowledge is that plants need 3 things to thrive - water, minerals and sunlight. Click & Grow takes care of the first two, so taking care of the light part is the plant owners liability.

The best thing you can do for the growing plant is placing it as close to the window as possible. And the best window is a south-facing window. Keeping the pot on your desk is not the best idea during winter. This is of course if you do not have bright fluorescent lamps. The latter helps a lot!

If your plant is already showing signs of light deficiency (long and weak stems, pale green color) then you have to take action! The most efficient way to pamper your plant is placing it under a fluorescent light source. As close as possible is best. A high cupboard in an office close to a lamp would work great. Another great light source for plants are all kinds of "Energy saving" lamps. These bulbs are widely on sale and they fit in most table lamps etc.

Extra lighting will help your plants to survive the most critical periods. It should be noted, that full grown plants are less demanding on light than seedlings.

 Winter is a tough time for gardeners and plants alike. But with proper care everything will turn out just fine.

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