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Click & Clone your perfect-looking basil in 4 easy steps


On social media and from your emails, we've noticed that you get quite attached to the plants you grow in your Click & Grow. And for a reason! We do understand though that as much as you want to try out new plants, it is sad to see the "old" ones go. So before you send that sexy Smart Herb Garden mini tomato off to a better place, check out this little trick we have in our pocket - plant cloning in water. 


We have mastered plant cloning to a nearly fool-proof level. To clone your own plants with no fuss, all you'll need is a glass of water, scissors and later on - a regular flowerpot with soil in it.


So here is what you do:
1. Get your hands on a full-grown plant (one that has at least 5-6 pairs of leaves on a stem).
NB! You can use any of your Click & Grow plants, but painted nettle, basil and tomatoes will be easier to clone. If you're feeling adventurous, try chilli!


2. Take big and mighty scissors, and cut a part of the stem, so that it has at least 3-4 pairs of leaves on it. Remove few of the bottom leaves, so you have enough clean stem to put in water.


3. Put the half-naked stem in a glass of water, place the glass on a well-lit windowsill (but not in direct sunlight), and...wait! Don't forget to change the water when it's running low or getting color.


4. When the stem has given roots at least 1 cm (about 0.4 inches), you can get a regular flowerpot with soil in it and transplant it there. Or ask someone who knows how to care for non-tech plants ;)


To make things even easier for you, here's a short video tutorial from Green Renaissance on the topic:



And that's it! 4 steps and you can give your Click & Grow plant the gift of eternal life - just keep cloning it. The cloned plants will look exactly like the "parent" plant, since the stem you placed in the water holds the exact same genetic code. Imagine, if you'd name your basil "Heidi Klum" and you'd be able to say "I just cloned Heidi Klum..again"... *sigh*


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