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How to care for your painted nettle

After posting a picture of Martin’s (our production manager) painted nettle on our Facebook wall, several people contacted us with questions how the plant grew so viable and beautiful.  


[Martin’s viable and beautiful painted nettle]

As we are interested in providing the best possible smart gardening experience to our customers, we’ll share a couple of easy tips on how to the get the most out of your painted nettle.

Find a spot with good light conditions

Good light conditions are essential to growing a viable plant. Overall, we recommend that Click & Grow plants get at least 6-8 hours of light a day and the painted nettle is no exception. South-facing windows and places close to fluorescent lamps are the best. However, remember to avoid placing the plant in full sunlight as the foliage colors will be muted.


Prune central flower stalks

Watch out for the development of central flower stalks. The flowers, although cute when fully developed, demand a lot nutrients and therefore decrease the longevity of the plant.

If you want your painted nettle to have a fresh and viable look, we recommend pruning off the flower stalks. In addition to the fabulous look it provides, it increases the life-span of your plant.

As illustrated on the picture on the right, you can use regular scissors to cut off the flower stalks. It’s as simple as that!

Want the plant to grow in height?

For the plant to grow in height and not in width, it is necessary to trim the sprouts on the sides. That will ensure that your painted nettle sprouts upwards.

For the trimming, you can again use a pair of regular scissors in a similar manner as illustrated on the pictures on the right. 

Pruning off painted nettle flowers

Put these tips in good use with your Click & Grow painted nettle plant and let us know about the results :)

Cheers !

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