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Happy birthday Click & Grow!

Just about this time 3 years ago a company called Click & Grow was founded. The founder, Mattias Lepp, had a grand vision - to change the way how plants are grown around the world. As the story of how the idea behind Click & Grow was formed is actually quite peculiar itself, lets take a look back..

Click & Grow smartpot

It all started in 2005 when Mattias happened to read a NASA report about technologies that make it possible to grow plants in outer space. At first, the information about the technology wasn't nothing more than just good knowledge. Just something you could bring up in social gatherings as a talking point.

However, things took a twist in 2009 when Mattias went through another research paper which stated that every year about 20 billion euros worth of houseplants are thrown away around the world due to mismanagement issues. Baffled that so many people around the world are having trouble caring for their plants, Mattias identified an uncovered market demand. By connecting the two things, the widespread plant managing problems and the knowledge about the technology, the idea of Click & Grow was formed.

In the first round of research and development it became evident that the growing method called aeroponics , that was so vividly described in the previously mentioned NASA report, wasn't the proper solution. To solve peoples problems of managing plants, a more complex method was needed, a foolproof method that is.

One of the first 3D images of a Click & Grow smartpot.

The attention was turned to a field of study called biomimicry. Biomimicry is the examination of nature, its models and processes, elements to emulate or take inspiration from in order to solve human problems. The basic idea in R&D was to map the key aspects and processes of plant growth and create a medium that perfectly imitates them. By developing a special substrate which holds the nutrients and seeds, and using sensors, a processor and software to measure and care for the plants exact needs, an ideal environment for growing plants was created in the form of the Click & Grow smartpot. 


3 years later, Click & Grow has provided green thumbs for people all-over the world :) Cheers!  

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