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7 Benefits You’ll Enjoy When Growing With Smart Soil

7 Benefits You’ll Enjoy When Growing With Smart Soil

Here at Click & Grow, we believe you deserve to thrive. You deserve to have access to the healthiest, most vitamin packed food available. That’s why we create self-growing indoor gardens, making it possible for you to grow fresh plants even in remote urban areas. 

Having carried out hundreds of experiments and conducted research on everything from plants to fertilisers, we developed a unique nano-tech growth medium called smart soil which is at the centre of our technology. Our Smart Soil and its current shape is intended for the specific cultivars we grow today. 

Smart soil goes above and beyond regular soil to create the most life-affirming environment possible for plants. Here are the benefits you’ll enjoy when using with Click & Grow smart soil: 

1. The food you grow is 100% free from harmful substances

Smart soil is completely free from harmful substances such as fungicides, pesticides, MSG, hormones, sodium nitrites, sulfites, trans fats and any other harmful substances that are commonly found in produce you get from grocery stores. 

Our green lettuce, for instance, contains very low amounts of nitrate residuals. Lettuce grown in smart soil contains 8 times less nitrates than lettuce available in most grocery stores. While nitrates are natural components of food, their metabolites and the reactions they produce in the body have raised health concerns.

To ensure our smart soil is 100% clean, we monitor every batch and check them against 500 of the most commonly used chemicals in agriculture, ensuring you get the clean produce you deserve. We also monitor for raw materials and heavy trace metals to make sure there isn’t anything extra on your plate. 

2. Peace of mind knowing your plants automatically receive nutrients 

It can be difficult to control the nutrient levels in regular soil and adding too much fertiliser can burn a plant’s roots. With smart soil, you never have to worry about fertilizing and you don’t have to spend additional money on plant food. Smart soil already contains nutrients for your plant and automatically distributes them to the plants’ roots. 

Smart soil enables plants to be fed with the highest precision so that your produce is high in essential vitamins and minerals. Returning to our example of fresh lettuce: antioxidative activity is 3 times higher in lettuce grown in smart soil compared to lettuce grown in soilless systems (eg. hydroponics).

3. No more stressing over how to water your plants

Regular soil requires frequent watering which can drain away nutrients. With smart soil, water is evenly distributed to the roots of the plant periodically. There is no loss of nutrients. 

The properties of smart soil create perfect growing conditions for roots to thrive; the soil is evenly moist from top to bottom. This encourages the plant to fill the soil evenly with roots, so don’t be alarmed if you see white roots under the u-shaped lids! Thanks to smart soil’s versatility, we have been able to create a suitable soil to meet the requirements for every plant in our collection.

4. Your plants’ roots have access to oxygen at all times

Oxygen is vital for your plants’ respiration. In regular soil, a plant's roots don't always receive sufficient air, particularly when being watered as it squeezes all the air pockets. With smart soil, your plants have constant, unrestricted access to oxygen. 

5. Consistent pH level for your plants

pH levels are used to measure how acidic soil is. Regular soil is prone to having inconsistent pH levels, sometimes making it difficult for plants to grow (especially if pH levels are high). Smart soil maintains consistent pH levels which contribute to healthier plants.

6. More reliable growth

By using smart soil technology for our plant pods, we’re able to control plant growth in a way that’s not possible with regular soil. Thanks to smart soil, we know when the plant will be in a specific growth phase and we can provide you with precise plant care tips and harvest information.

7. You can grow your favourite plants in various climates

Smart gardens and smart soil technology make it possible to grow almost any plant indoors, wherever you may be. In tropical climates, for example, it’s difficult to grow favourites such as strawberries and green lettuce outdoors. In colder climates it can be difficult to grow chili peppers outdoors. With smart soil and your smart garden, you can have success growing all of these plants and many more from the comfort of your home.



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