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Winners of our Spring Photo Contest

Last week we asked our fans and customers to snap a picture of their smart garden and participate in our Spring Photo Contest. We are really excited to see that so many smart gardeners (is this a new term in the making?) have such a beautiful plants and that they shared them with the World. 

Winners were authors of pictures that got the most votes, and our jury picked 3 more winners additionally. It was not an easy job to do because there were so many beautiful entries! All receive their favourite plant refills as prizes.

Here are the winners with comments from our gardener Priit.

Jury's favourites



First the ones that we liked the most. Hope you like them as much as we do! 

1st place - Timo

Our gardener says: “Some people prefer to snap off the blossoms to make the beautiful foliage last longer. Others prefer to watch the shy flowers and maybe even let the plant produce seed. Gardening can be done in a thousand ways, and we like all of them.”

2nd place - Hegert

Our gardener says: Some Lizzies just grow and grow. Plants make people happy and happy people grow happy plants. It works in both ways!”

3rd place - Denis

Our Gardener says: ”We like how this author has captured his/her plant in different stages. Sometimes it is hard to notice how big a tiny seedling has grown.”

And now winners with most votes

1st place

Federica (293 votes)

Our Gardener says: “Let them grow! Your other plants seem to love your gardening skills.”



2nd place

Daniele (236 votes)

Our Gardener says: The end of April is the best time in the year to start new plants (at least in the Northern hemisphere). These little Cockscombs will enjoy the summer sun as much as you do!”

3rd place



Jette-Liis 75 votes

Our Gardener says: “This wonderful Busy lizzy had a though life as a youngster. Not all seeds seem to have germinated. But just look at this lush Lizzy now!”

Congratulations to winners and thank you all for taking part in the contest! If you liked it as much as we did, we'll certainly be doing more of those in the future. Happy growing!

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