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A Farmers Market in Your Home: The Click & Grow 25

A Farmers Market in Your Home: The Click & Grow 25

Girl looking at produce growing in the Click & Grow 25.

If you’ve ever visited a farmers market and bought fresh produce, then you know what an amazing experience it is. You get to meet the farmer and see where your food comes from. Above all, you also get to taste food that’s fresher than any you can find in a grocery store.

What if we told you that you can have this experience in your own home? Would you be interested? Well, with the Click & Grow 25, now you can! Here’s how:

You get a constant supply of nutritious, fresh tasting food

Owning the Click & Grow 25 means you get to enjoy fresh tasting food, just like you would get from a farmers market. The difference is that you don't need to leave your house to get it.

The garden features a unique tray system that’s super easy to operate. You fill one tray at a time, remove the first one after 5 weeks and replace it with the next tray so you can enjoy a continuous harvest of leafy greens. 

Whenever you remove a tray, you can easily carry it to your kitchen counter or dining table for a garden-to-plate experience. The plants in the removed tray stay fresh for up to a week, keeping all of their nutrients intact and avoiding food waste.

This is especially important because fruits and vegetables tend to lose 50% of their healthy nutrients within a week of being harvested. This is a common problem for grocery store food that’s harvested early and shipped great distances before it reaches the shelves.

You know where your food comes from

Woman and the Click & Grow 25 in her kitchen.

One of the many reasons why people love farmers markets is because there’s a better chance of obtaining clean, organic produce that hasn’t been treated with unwanted substances. Likewise, with the Click & Grow 25, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing your produce is 100% clean and safe. You don’t have to worry about pesticides or other chemicals that may be used on conventionally grown produce. Plus, watching your own food grow from seed to harvest is a heartwarming experience.

It’s sustainable and better for the planet

Farmers markets cut out several ‘middlemen’ in the food supply chain who focus mainly on efficiency and profit, not freshness, taste, and integrity of natural resources. As these middlemen are removed, the supply chain shortens and less transportation is required.

The same principle applies when you’re growing food in the Click & Grow 25. A garden-to-plate experience means you’re skipping the grocery store commute. No traveling to source ingredients, less urban pollution, and you don’t even need a plot of land. The Click & Grow 25 takes up roughly the same amount of floor space in your home as a microwave oven.

You connect with a community

Man tending to plants growing in the Click & Grow 25 in a restaurant kitchen.

One of the overlooked beauties of farmers markets is that you meet people in your neighborhood and get to know them. You can talk about your favorite recipes and share tips on how to cook certain foods. It's also a great place to meet new people, especially if you're moving somewhere new.

Likewise, when you grow food in the Click & Grow 25, you become part of the worldwide Click & Grow community. Our Facebook group is an awesome place to share tips, tricks and experiences with like minded gardeners growing their own food at home. 

In addition to that, the Click & Grow 25 is a great conversation starter when having friends over, giving you an opportunity to talk about what you’re growing and what food you plan on preparing. Also, if you have a family, growing greens together is a fun, educational activity that’s easy to bond over.

So, if you’re serious about the quality of greens you consume, the Click & Grow 25 is an indoor growing system we highly recommend. Not only will you enjoy a constant harvest of better quality produce, but you'll feel better about the food that you're eating. Since the plants are grown vertically, they won't take up much space in your home or apartment either. It’s time to eat better once and for all!

Get your very own indoor farmers market

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