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Click & Grow 25 v Competitors: 3 Key Features

Click & Grow 25 v Competitors: 3 Key Features

The Click & Grow 25 is finally here! After months of planning, analysing and testing, we’ve produced the most energy efficient and space efficient indoor plant growing system on the market. For the first time ever, you can enjoy a continuous, significant yield for a healthier diet. The product is designed to fit seamlessly with busy, modern life. No previous gardening experience is necessary. No messing with nutrients, roots and other stuff that gets your hands dirty. If you’ve always wanted to enjoy a continuous supply of home grown greens, the Click & Grow 25 is here to help.  

Let’s take a look at some of the differences between the Click & Grow 25 and other products on the market.*


3 Key Features of the Click & Grow 25

1. Your own, personal farmer’s market

Owning the Click & Grow 25 is like having your own personal farmer’s market at home - the size of a microwave oven! Unlike any other system on the market, the Click & Grow 25 features a unique tray-system to help you grow plants in rotation. This means you'll always have enough fresh greens for your meals. The rotation also ensures that plants are ordered by age and size at all times so older plants don't overshadow younger ones. You insert the pods from one end and harvest from the other. With minimal attention, you can grow plants on a 5 week growing cycle and enjoy a weekly harvest.

The trays can easily be swapped as you start the next growing cycle. Another convenience of removable trays is that you can carry them to your kitchen counter to prepare meals or to your dinner table when you eat. When removed from the tray, your plants will stay fresh and nutritious for up to a week. The fact that they stay fresh for a week also helps you cut back on food waste.

2. Most space efficient

When it comes to growing food, you shouldn’t be limited by the space you live in. We designed the Click & Grow 25 to be  extremely space efficient. If you can fit a microwave oven in your home, then you’ll easily be able to fit a Click & Grow 25 module! It takes up just 3.2 sq ft/0.3 sq m of floor or countertop space. Within that space, you can grow 25 plants all at once. By removing a tray of plants that have already grown to optimal size, you’re creating space for the next set of plants to start their cycle. A Click & Grow 25 full of plants in their growing phases is the most efficient use of space.

Thanks to its modular design, you can stack units on top of each other to grow even more. For instance, by stacking three modules on top of each other, you can grow up to 75 plants using the same floor space. 

3. Most energy efficient

We’re really proud of the fact that the Click & Grow 25 is the most energy efficient among its competitors. Living sustainably is an underpinning principle of everything we do at Click & Grow. A single Click & Grow 25 module uses just 200 kWh or 24$ worth of energy per year. Compared to some of its competitors, that’s 10 times more sustainable use of energy per plant. Not only is that great for your wallet but it’s also great for the environment. High electricity usage in the US alone produces 1.7 billion metric tons of CO2 every year - that’s roughly equivalent to the yearly emissions of 380 million passenger vehicles. 

Every Click & Grow garden is constructed using high end materials that are designed to last for years on end. Our plant pods are biodegradable and, when you’ve finished with them, they can be used as compost or potting soil for other plants in your home. We don't use single-use plastic in the packaging of the Click & Grow 25 either.

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* Table is put together based on information from competitors' webpages and user reviews. Some details may be subject to change but it should be helpful in understanding the differences between the technologies and products.

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