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Earth Day (6 Inspiring Examples of How the World Celebrates)

Earth Day (6 Inspiring Examples of How the World Celebrates)

Did you know that Earth Day was first celebrated in 1970? Ever since then, people across the globe have been celebrating Earth Day on 22 April each year.

It’s estimated that events take place in over 193 countries to commemorate this day. The events are coordinated by the world’s largest environmental movement, known as the Earth Day Network. What’s the ultimate purpose of these events? Essentially, to demonstrate support for environmental protection.

At Click & Grow we fully relate to this message. We believe it’s important to consider ways to live greener, reduce our carbon footprint and live healthy lifestyles that support the environment.

As we look forward to another global celebration of Earth Day, let’s take a look at just a few of the special events that were held to commemorate it last year:

1. Earth Day ‘The Gambia’

This event was primarily organised by volunteers and brought together a diverse group of people in Bansang, Gambia. This group of people included teachers, community leaders, students and many more professionals. The aim was to plan methods for improving waste management.



2. Earth Day Italia

This event was organized by Earth Day Italia and the Focolare Movement and was held from 21 to 25 April in Rome, Italy. Visitors enjoyed music, sports, culture and activities promoting the protection of the planet. The event also focused on sustainable development goals through talk shows dedicated to the 5 ‘Ps’ of sustainability: People, Planet, Prosperity, Partnership, Peace.

3. Tree-Planting with Sappraiwan Elephant Sanctuary

Thailand’s elephant sanctuary partnered with the Phitsanulok Province Government to plant 300 trees on Earth Day. Trees were given to members of the community so they could plant them at their homes or at the sanctuary.

4. Green Room Festival

Earth Day was celebrated in Tokyo, Japan, with a variety of events coordinated under the Green Room Festival, which thousands participated in. The events included beach clean-ups, music presentations, art exhibits, yoga classes, and much more.

5. Billion Acts of Green in China

Earth Day Network relaunched its Billion Acts of Green campaign in China for Earth Day. It’s theme was “End Plastic Pollution”. Schools, student associations, museums, and non-profit organizations joined forces to teach people about the importance of preventing plastic pollution. Approximately 20,000 participants took part in events held across China.

6. US Army Corps of Engineers

This institution has an incredible 37,000 personnel spread out across 9 divisions in 45 districts spanning the United States and over 91 other countries. The institution helped organize a plethora of Earth Day activities and events such as tree planting, litter cleanups, recycling activities and much more.

The list of Earth Day Activities that took place around the world is endless. Even as we speak, new activities are being planned by dedicated volunteers and professionals alike.

It’s inspiring for us to realise that there are people around the world who are willing to take action and make a difference for the good of the environment.

Whatever you plan to do for Earth Day this year, we hope you have a fantastic experience. As renowned author, Leo Tolstoy, once said:

“One of the first conditions of happiness is that the link between man and nature shall not be broken.”

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