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Grow Lights: a Beginner’s Guide

Grow Lights: a Beginner’s Guide

‘Grow lights’ is a frequently used term within indoor gardening communities. If you’re new to growing plants indoors, here’s a quick beginner's guide to understanding grow lights.


What are grow lights?


Grow lights are electrically powered lights that stimulate plant growth. They do this by emitting an electromagnetic spectrum which facilitates photosynthesis. They can be especially useful for growing plants indoors where there isn’t much natural sunlight.


What are some common types of grow lights?

LED grow lights



Click & Grow Smart Gardens feature inbuilt LED lights

Light emitting diodes (LEDs) are one of the newest and most energy efficient types of grow lights. They’re able to operate at lower temperatures and can conserve power despite many hours of usage. Click & Grow’s Smart Garden 3 and Smart Garden 9 use LED lights to great effect. 

HID grow lights


High intensity discharge (HID) systems produce light as gas ignites within a bulb. This is very similar to how a standard lightbulb in the home works. They are known for the intensity of their light. Care is needed, however, to make sure they do not burn plants. They are usually adjustable and relatively easy to repair.

Fluorescent grow lights


Fluorescent lights work by an electrical current heating up gas inside a tube, emitting ultraviolet light. There is a phosphorus coating within the tube which transforms the ultraviolet light to visible light. Fluorescent lights have a relatively low heat emission although their light is not strong enough to penetrate deep into plants. They can be particularly useful for shorter, flatter plants.

When are grow lights used?

Grow lights are often used as a lighting system when growing a large amount of plants indoors. If you live in an apartment or a large built up area, it can be difficult to find sufficient space and natural light to grow plants. Grow lights help plants grow strong and healthy in your home by matching the sun’s spectrum, assisting photosynthesis.


Always dreamed of growing delicious, organic plants at home, free from pesticides and GMOs? Now you can with a Smart Garden 3 and a Smart Garden 9

LED grow lights

Each garden features inbuilt LED lights on automatic timers, bathing your plants in the optimal amount of light every day.


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