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Indoor Gardening Gifts for the Asian-Food Lover

Indoor Gardening Gifts for the Asian-Food Lover

Not sure what to get the Asian-Food lover in your life? You know, that person who has a list of all the Asian restaurants in town and can cook delicious Asian-inspired dishes. This year, why not surprise them with their very own indoor garden? With a smart garden they’ll be able to grow their favourite ingredients for Asian dishes at home any time they want. Here are a few ideas from our collection:

Smart gardens

Smart Garden 3

Perfect for kitchen tops, windowsills and any apartment with limited space. This ‘set it and forget it’ garden grows three delicious plants at a time, ensuring they have enough water, light, oxygen and nutrients. The ingredients they grow will taste fresher than any pre-packaged produce found in supermarkets. 



Smart Garden 9

Features all the technology of the Smart Garden 3 but on a grander scale. Grows 9 plants at a time - perfect if they love to cook Asian dishes on a regular basis! Great for spacious kitchens but still compact enough for almost any room in their home.



Looking to make a massive gesture this holiday season? Check out the Smart Garden 27 and the Wall Farm. Give one of these and they’ll love you forever.


Plant mixes to grow

Asian Cuisine Mix

Contains 3 of the most versatile plants for Asian cooking: Pak Choi, Red Kale and Mibuna. All can easily be grown and harvested in their new indoor garden. They’ll be making fresher, tastier stir-frys, noodle dishes, salads or spring rolls. The possibilities are endless.



Chili Pepper Mix

Asian cuisine puts chili peppers to use. If your loved one enjoys their Asian meals on the spicy side, they’ll have fun cooking with these varieties. This mix includes Purple Chili, Piri Piri Chili and Red Hot Chili. Perfect for cooking hot curries and sauces, spicy noodles and meat dishes. 



Individual plants to grow

Thai Basil

They’ll love experimenting with Thai basil’s sweet, slightly licorice-like flavour. Excellent for both green and red curries, noodle dishes and salads. Thai basil adds a herbal punch to Asian meals.




Dill has a similar taste to celery and is a popular herb in Vietnamese cuisine among others. It’s sometimes eaten raw but most commonly added to dishes near the end of cooking. It can also be pounded and used as an ingredient in dipping sauces. A must have herb for any Asian-food lover’s collection.




A key ingredient in soups, curry pastes, chutneys and Asian-inspired sandwiches such as the bánh mì sandwich. Cilantro’s citrus undertones can make all the difference in a recipe.




In West Asia, it’s popular for dishes to be sprinkled with chopped parsley. Its taste is slightly peppery and earthy. A perfect complement for fish dishes and salads.




A very popular, underrated vegetable in Asian cuisine. Its flavour is a cross between celery and carrots but with a sharp, fresh aftertaste. Perfect for hot pots and stir-frys.


Grow the freshest,tastiest herbs any time of year

Fully automated indoor gardens that grow plant pods for you while making sure they have enough water, light, oxygen and nutrients.

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