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Mother's Day x Click & Grow

Mother's Day x Click & Grow

So Mother's Day is May 13th, if you forgot, don't worry we won't tell! You might be thinking what you should get your mom? It's hard. Moms are the best and are any gifts you give them amount to how magnificent they are? Probably not. 

indoor garden

Your Mom has been there for you through everything! They have fundamentally helped shape you into the person you are and helped you grow through all of life's hardships and been there also for the best moments! 

indoor garden

But to them, you will always be their little baby, even though your an adult, but you're never too old for home cooked meals and maybe a load of laundry done, don't worry we don't judge. 

But to show your mom what an adult you are and to also thank her for helping raise you into the wonderful human that you are, why not give her an indoor garden! That way you are giving her not only the gift that keeps on growing, but you are giving her a hobby, an investment into her health, and if you're not ready for kids yet, plant grandbabies will do just fine! 

indoor garden

Plus, did we mention the Smart Gardens are 25% off?!

Thank your mom this Mother's Day for everything she's done and give her the gift that keeps on growing just like you! But don't get Strawberry jelly (jealous) when her Facebook page starts to have more photos of her "new baby" instead of her first born, you, it's not our fault baby basil plants are just so darn cute! 

Big thank you to our real-life mother and son duo for being in this photoshoot! 

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