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Outgrown your Smart Garden 9? Upgrade to the Smart Garden 27!

Outgrown your Smart Garden 9? Upgrade to the Smart Garden 27!

Girl relaxing with headphones in front of the Click and Grow 27.

Love your Smart Garden 9 but want to upgrade to something bigger? If so, the “Smart Garden 9 to 27 Upgrade” bundle could be just what you’re looking for! Here’s why:

Grow 3x the amount of your favorite greens, herbs, fruits or flowers

While you can grow 9 plants at a time in the Smart Garden 9, the Smart Garden 27 increases the capacity to 27 plants. Imagine having 3 times the amount of your favorite plants all growing at once! That could mean more salad greens for you and your family, more herbs to cook with, or more flowers to brighten your home with. The increased capacity allows for greater flexibility and variety in the type of plants you can grow. The possibilities are endless.

Grow a greater variety of plants simultaneously

Is there a plant you’ve been meaning to grow but didn’t have room for in your Smart Garden 9? The Increased capacity of the Smart Garden 27 means you’re free to grow a greater variety of plants all at once. 

As an example, you could be growing 9 varieties of salad greens, 9 varieties of herbs, and 9 varieties of decorative plants at the same time. At the end of the day, gardening is all about experimenting and having fun. The Smart Garden 27 gives you the opportunity to do this on a larger scale.

Colorful Smart Garden 27 in a dining room.

Enjoy a new decorative feature in your home

The Smart Garden 27’s appeal goes well beyond growing food. It also serves as a decorative piece of furniture for your home thanks to its wooden plant stand. The vertical plant stand houses the 3x Smart Garden 9s and can be mounted to a wall for extra stability. It blends in beautifully with both urban and country decor. The Smart Garden 27’s dimensions are: 119,38 x 66,4 x 26,12 cm. It's also available in white, grey and beige, so you can choose the color that best matches your living space.


Enjoy more value with the upgrade bundle

If you already own a Smart Garden 9, you can upgrade without paying full price for a regular Smart Garden 27 - just opt for the “Smart Garden 9 to 27 Upgrade” bundle in our webstore. 

If you were to buy a Smart Garden 27 by itself, it would include a plant stand and 3x Smart Garden 9s. The upgrade bundle, however, is cheaper and includes a plant stand with 2x Smart Garden 9s. Simply add your existing Smart Garden 9 and voila! You now own a Smart Garden 27. 

The gardens in the bundle also come with starter kits, so there’s no need to worry about which plants to grow at first.

So, what are you waiting for? If you’ve outgrown your Smart Garden 9, there’s no better time to upgrade to the Smart Garden 27 for a more exciting indoor gardening experience.

Smart Garden 9 and Smart Garden 27 collage.

Upgrade today!

Grow the freshest,tastiest herbs any time of year

Fully automated indoor gardens that grow plant pods for you while making sure they have enough water, light, oxygen and nutrients.

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