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Smart Garden 9 Set Up

The Smart Garden 9 is our newest indoor garden! The SG9 allows for you to grow 9 different or the same, type of plant at one time. Bringing us one step closer to one day being self-sustainable and growing all our own food, watch out grocery stores! If you haven’t ordered the Smart Garden 9 yet, the price is $199.95, and if you have then congrats, it should be arriving soon! We put together a video to shop you the full Smart Garden 9 set-up, but if you have any questions feel free to reach out via social media or to our support team directly.

Step 1: Open the box, because the Smart Garden 9 has arrived, and place all the items on your countertop!

Step 2: Add in the first extensions. Make sure the side that has the groove on it is attaching to the extension that has the groove on it, that way you can keep the cord in place.

Step 3: Add the light!

Step 4: Take out the plant pods and remove the “u-shaped” lids to add in the plant capsules. Once you have added the plant pods, place the “u-shaped” lids back on the plant pods, and label/name the plant pods to keep track of what’s growing.

Step 5: Place the clear domes on the plant capsules. The clear domes help to ensure that germination takes place. You can remove them once you start to see sprouts growing.

Step 6: Fill up the tank with 4L of water or until the float is leveled with the garden. The water should last you about 3-4 weeks.

Step 7: Plug it in! And the light should turn on. The light will be on for 16 hours a day and off for 8. It is recommended to plug the light on in the morning, to avoid any light pollution and distraction during the night.

Step 8: You should begin to see sprouts in 2- 3 weeks.

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  • We received the garden as a gift. There was not an instruction booklet. We went online and watched the video. It is pretty self explanatory, but shows the light bar in the up position even though the pods are new. Do you add the extensions as the plants grow or put the extensions on from the beginning? Can’t wait for our garden to produce! Thank you!

    Zina on

  • Hi, @Ronda Simmons! We offer full guarantee for the lights and if something stops working, we’ll replace it at no cost for you. If you submit a request, our customer support will get back to you within a week and make sure the issue gets taken care of. We have tens of thousands of happy customers all over the world so there’s no need to beware of getting an indoor garden from us!

    Click & Grow on

  • @ Lenien Yes, that was a special end-of-the-year offer, but don’t worry, we’ll be relaunching the subscription offer soon!

    Click & Grow on

  • Hi you had a special for 39,99 .. I really wanted to buy 1 at the special price

    Lenien on

  • But what do you do if the light stops working after one hour? Supposedly these lights are under warranty for one year, but a warranty is no good if customer service is non-existent. there is no phone number to call, so you cannot talk to a live person and I’ve received no answer from this company despite numerous attempts. I love this concept, but it sure does not live up to its promise. Buyer Beware.

    Ronda Simmons on

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