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What Garden Are You Growing In?

What Garden Are You Growing In?

There is no mistaking The Smart Garden 3 vs. The Smart Garden 9, the difference is in the name 3 pods vs. 9 pods. However, the Smart Garden 3 vs. The Smart Herb Garden, they both, let you grow three plants at once, but what is the difference? Or is there even a difference? Read on to find out and to clear up any confusion you might have! 


The Smart Garden 3: 


Our Smart Garden 3 is the second generation of our indoor Smart Gardens. It comes equipped with three plant cups, where you can add in our plant pods and grow the plants of your choice, two extension arms, and plastic germination domes and u-shaped lids to support your plant during growth. Just a friendly reminder, please do not discard of the plant cups once you have grown your plants, they can be reused with each new plant! 

Our Smart Garden 3 also uses our new plant cups that have the wick included in the pods.

The Smart Garden 3 measurements are: 11.8in x 4.7in x 13.4in / 30cm x 12cm x 34cm. (length, width, height, with one extension) 
Without the extensions it's about 21cm/8.3in ; with two extensions 47cm/18.5in.

Package measurements: 31.5 x 22.7 x 13 cm / 12.4 x 9 x 5.1 in

Weight of the product with package: 1.73 kg / 3.8 lbs

Weight of the product without package: 1.2 kg / 2.6 lbs

Size of the water tank: 1.2 liters / 40 oz

Water consumption per month: up to 2 liters / 67 oz

Power consumption: 8W

Power consumption per month: 3.8 kWh

Lifetime of the LEDs: 7 years

Also, one fundamental difference between the Smart Garden 3 and the Smart Herb Garden are the number of LED lights. The Smart Garden 3 has three and the Smart Herb Garden has two.


Smart Herb Garden: 


Our Smart Herb Garden is the first generation of the Smart Garden 3 and launched in 2013!  It comes equipped with 3 pods, where you can grow your plants, one light that can be brought up higher to accommodate for taller plants, but no specific extension arms, and plastic germination domes and u-shaped lids to support your plant during growth. We currently do not sell the Smart Herb Garden on our website anymore, but if you are interested you can find them on our Amazon page for any resellers in your area. 


Our Smart Herb Garden also uses our first generation plant cups, and please don't throw them away! We are trying to be more environmentally conscious, and we are trying to reuse them for the gardens and only send our plant pods in soil capsules.

When it comes to look, design, and size they are both similar; however, the light on the Smart Herb Garden does have a grill design for optimal heat dispersal vs. the Smart Garden 3 does not due to improved design. Also, the Smart Herb Garden can be found sold with different color lids (white, green and orange) vs. the Smart Garden 3 is only available in white, grey, and beige.

The dimensions of the package of Smart Herb Garden are:

353 x 126 x 308 mm (13.9 x 4.96 x 12.1 in). Weight: 994 g (2.19 lb)

Without the packaging, the dimensions of the Smart Herb Garden are:

Length: 30cm (11.8 inches)

Height (including light): 28cm (11.1 inches)

Width: 12cm (4.7 inches)

Size of the water tank: .75 liters / 25.4 oz

Power consumption: 6W

Lifetime of the LEDs: 7 years


As always if you misplace or lose any lids, domes, cups or extensions feel free to check out our spare parts page for the Smart Herb Garden and the Smart Garden 3, but make sure you are buying the part for the correct garden, because even the extension arms between the Smart Garden 3 and the Smart Garden 9 differ in size and shape. Whichever garden you are using to grow your own plants and herbs we are glad to have you part of the community! Feel free to reach out to us via our support team or our new gardeners forum for any additional questions. 

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