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What Kind of Plant Parent Are You?

What Kind of Plant Parent Are You?

If you’re reading this article, the chances are you have a soft spot for plants. And who can blame you? Plants are the silent healers of our world. They deserve all the attention and affection we can offer them.

If you’re passionate about growing and maintaining plants, you might even consider yourself a ‘plant parent’.

Today we’d like to pay homage to a few different kinds of plant parents out there. Which one on this list do you most identify with?

The devoted pruner

You’re somewhat of a perfectionist when it comes to plant care. You take immense pride in the appearance of your plants, trimming them at every opportunity to ensure they stay looking green and healthy. You regularly check up on them, ensuring they don’t grow wild or out of hand. Your plants could easily win a photo contest and you can’t hide your glee whenever guests compliment them.

The laid back observer

You enjoy having plants around you and their presence fills you with tranquility. Most of all, you love watching how your plants grow and express their individuality. Rather than regularly trimming them, you prefer to let them grow at their own pace and observe how they turn out. Will they grow tall or bushy? Will they tilt to one side? You're eager to find out. You find beauty in the appearance of plants which are slightly untamed. 

The practical harvester

You love how certain plants provide nourishment for the body. You cultivate these plants for the very practical reason of enjoying them in salads and to compliment meals. You see great potential in plants and you help them fulfill their potential by putting them to good use. Others look to you for inspiration when it comes to growing food locally.

The jack of all trades

Nobody can pin you down to one plant parenting style. You enjoy a well maintained garden but are not overly preoccupied with trimming and pruning - only when necessary. You like to grow a variety of plants with different purposes in mind. These purposes could be aesthetics, nourishment and perhaps air purification. You believe the term ‘everything in moderation’ applies to plant care as well as everyday life.

While these may be a few common plant parenting styles, the list is by no means exhaustive. Perhaps you view plants in an entirely different way and for you they take on a whole new significance. Perhaps your style is a mixture of some of the above.

What we all share, however, is a sense of appreciation and awe for what plants bring to our lives. Being able to grow our own plants is an experience we can all treasure.

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