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Apple Mint Plant Pods

Apple Mint Plant Pods

Grow fresh Apple Mint at home! Apple mint (Mentha suaveolens) is a lovely, aromatic mint plant that has many fantastic culinary, medicinal and decorative properties. Apple mint, like many other varieties in the mint family, is rich in essential oils that have antiseptic properties. The delicate flavor of Apple mint works best in fresh, uncooked preparations. Add to cocktails, mocktails and tea. Add whole or chopped leaves to popsicles, sorbets and ice cubes. Use to make sauces or herb rubs for poultry, lamb and seafood. Roughly chop Apple mint and add to chutney, dressings, jelly or brine when pickling.  Click & Grow Apple Mint benefits: Easy to grow in you Click & Grow Smart Garden You'll get a garden-to-plate experience in your own kitchen No pesticides, herbicides or GMO's added - you'll get organic, clean herbs Easiest way to grow vitamin-rich greens at home Superior taste and aroma

Pack size 3-pack

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