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A preview a our wide plant pod selection

Get a plant lover's bargain with the Click & Grow plant subscription.

We'll send you a selection of new plant pods every three months to make sure your garden is stocked with fresh salads, fruits and herbs at all times. Grow any plant with zero effort.

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How does it work?

The Click & Grow gardens work like Nespresso or Keurig capsule coffee machines - we offer a fully automated indoor garden that does all the work - making sure plants always have enough water, light, oxygen and nutrients. The garden is used with proprietary plant pods that come with seeds already inside. All you have to do is insert the plant pods in the garden and the growing process will start!

Best part?

Once the plant is fully grown, you can either harvest or replant and start any new plant. Grow anything from sweet peppers to strawberries to cilantro - the choice is yours. Click & Grow will turn your brown thumb into a green one!

Just a preview of our wide plant selection

A preview a our wide plant pod selection

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Why should you subscribe?

Easiest way to enjoy the wonders of gardening at home.

No more pesticides, herbicides or GMO's in your fresh food. Our plants are free of all of them.

Never run out of fresh food. We'll send you plant pods right when you need them.

You'll get 20% off your initial Smart Garden 9 order.

Free Shipping on all orders (save up to 40.- per year on shipping alone).

You can cancel any time.

What's in your first order?

A Smart Garden 9 with with basil, lettuce and mini tomato pods included.

What's in your subscription order?

3 x plant pod 3-packs of your own choice

Each shipment of 3 x plant pod 3-packs will be just 29.85$ (charged once every 3 months)

First subscription order shipped 3 months after your first order

Interval: 1 shipment every 3 months


Farm to Table

With Click & Grow, you'll have a farmers market on your kitchen window-sill. The Smart Garden will bring an element of excitement to grownups and children alike.


Curate your very own collection of herbs in the confines of your own home and watch them grow and blossom into edible delights.

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