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DIY Garden Starter Kit

Build a completely customised garden or farm using our plant cups that function like miniature greenhouses.

Our DIY kit consists of 9 plant cups with a wick which draws water into the cup when submerged. This makes the plant cups ideal for nesting the Smart Soil capsules with seeds (order separately). You can integrate the nests into any everyday object that holds water and fits the plant cups.

Just add a light or place your garden on a sunny windowsill and you're ready to grow! For lights, all you need are some rather cheap CFLs (Compact Florescent Lights) like the ones you can get from your local hardware store.

  • What you'll receive: 9 plant cups with wicks + 9 domes to induce germination
  • Make sure you add: a light + plant capsules of your own choice.
  • NB! The DIY kit does not include plants. Get them HERE


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What else do I need to get started?


Let your imagination run wild: you can use anything from an empty ice cream tub to an old vase


To make sure your plants receive enough light during all seasons, we recommend getting an additonal light source.

Plant Capsules

Our pre-seeded plant capsules use NASA inspired technology to create an optimum growth environment for your garden.


Meet the Cup

Instead of constructing a complicated active system with pumps and sensors our technology serves as a simple miniature greenhouse that allows plants to grow faster and produce more yield. Coupled with our patented Smart Soil plant capsules this little device provides the perfect environment for your plants to thrive.

The plant capsule is snugly nested in the cup, whilst water is passively drawn in by the wick using a capillary action. During germination the transparent biodome creates an additional greenhouse helping plants germinate and sprout faster.

The possibilites are endless

Sometimes we all need a helping hand to get our creative juices flowing, so we've put together a small gallery of examples to help you get inspired and create you very own DIY indoor garden.

Are you ready to build your own garden?

Regular price $29.95
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The plant cup with green basil growing inside