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We've found a way to combine basil & beer.

Photo: Beermixologist


We are a bunch that always tries to find new ways to do things, and you probably know it. After all, that is one of the main reasons there is Click & Grow. If everyone grows produce in the back yard, we're gonna go ahead and start growing it in a closet in our living room (aka Smart Farm). If everyone drinks pilsner on a hot summer day, we're gonna go ahead and cook up a Honey Basil ale


In case you want to brew our Honey Basil ale, here's what you'll need:

110g (0.25 lb) toasted malt

135g (0.3 lb) wheat malt

3kg (6.5 lbs) English mild ale malt

225g (0.5 lb) unpasteurized raw honey

5.5 AAU Willamette hops (28g (1 oz.) of 5.5% alpha acid) (60 min.)

14g (0.5 oz.) fresh basil leaves

14g (0.5 oz.) Willamette hops

Wyeast 1052 (American Ale) yeast

1kg 350g (3 lbs) pasteurized alfalfa honey

154g (0.6 cup) priming sugar


To see at least approximately what you'd get out of this, here's a video of 3 fellas trying Honey Basil ale out:



Here's what you'll do:

1. Raise 11.350 l (3 gallons) of water to 71° C (160° F).

2. Add 225g (0.5 lb.) unpasteurized raw honey, stir to dissolve, mash in grains and hold for 45 minutes.

3. Sparge with 11.350 l (3 gallons) 76° C (170° F) water and collect 13 l (3.5 gallons) runoff. Boil 20 minutes.

4. Add hops according to schedule above. Turn off heat, add aroma hops and basil and steep 15 minutes.

5. Chill to 24° C (75° F) and rack to carboy. Take hydrometer reading of wort. Do not top up. Add yeast.

6. Make honey solution with 7.5 l (2 gallons) of water and 1kg 350g (3 lbs.) pasteurized alfalfa honey, to match wort gravity as detailed in article.

7. Put honey solution in a sanitized, sealed glass container. When yeast is at its most active (8-12 hours after pitch), add solution.

8. Ferment at ale temperature 3-4 weeks. Bottle or keg when complete.


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