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Smart Garden 3 - Limited Edition Illustrated


Your guide to plants, recipes and much more

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Treat Yourself To This Dangerously Addictive Dip!

Rosemary Infused Olive Oil That Will Turn Your Salads Into Masterpieces

Meal of the Month: Mouthwatering Red Sweet Pepper Spaghetti with Meat

Fancy Some Delicious Homemade Pesto? Try This Easy Recipe

Gift Guide: New Plant Combo Packages

Combo packages for every taste and preference!

Secret Garden - Featuring ‘Mixt Greens’

Check out this brilliant restaurant serving environmentally responsible food...

Growing With the Community - Featuring Gene Ferrer

Introducing our next Community Gardener...

How to Make Herb Salt

It's salt... with a herbal twist!

Growing with the Community - Featuring Connie Chew

Meet our first community gardener!

Supercharge Your Cooking with these 5 Herbs

Bon appétit!

Plant combinations you need to know about

Have you discovered these?

Growing With: @randomactsofpastel

We talked with mama-to-be @randomactsofpastel on her favorite homemade recipes and keeping plants alive, inside and outside!