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5 Best Flowers to Bring Back That Summer Feeling

5 Best Flowers to Bring Back That Summer Feeling

“Summer afternoon, summer afternoon; to me those have always been the two most beautiful words in the English language.” 
― Henry James

Can anything really compare to the glow of Summer? Humming Bees dart around excitedly, people gather together for barbecues, bright colors abound and optimism fills the air. Poetry in motion...



As the days get shorter, however, we often find ourselves longing for those Summer months to return. As such, we’ve selected some flowers to grow indoors that will inject a burst of color into your home during the darker months of the year.


When considering which flowers to grow next in your Smart Garden 3 or 9, why not give the following a try?


Busy Lizzie

Busy Lizzies are a beautiful whirlwind of color. They are well known for their vivid red, fuchsia, orange, white and purple flowers. They are also popular for their delightful appearance and low maintenance needs.

Sweet Alyssum

An easy way to brighten any space is to grow Sweet Alyssum. It’s known for its delicate, sweet-smelling flowers and is commonly found on sandy beaches and dunes. Perfect for bringing a touch of Summer to your home no matter what season it is. 


 Painted Nettle

Painted nettle is an unusually vibrant plant with magnificent colors. Its leaves erupt in a wide array of rich hues, from yellow to red to purple. Many would describe Painted Nettle as a masterpiece. A fantastic flower to grow.


A wildflower native to many of the world’s warm, equatorial regions, Cockscomb looks amazing in any indoor garden. Imagine waking up on a cold morning and being cheered by the sight of these beauties growing in your Smart Garden. The sight of Cockscomb growing in your home is also bound to Impress your guests.


Cornflower boasts a rich and interesting history. It’s a national and political symbol in Estonia, Finland and Germany to name a few countries. We especially love Cornflower’s strikingly blue flowers. If your living space is in need of some vibrant colors, this is a great flower to grow.

If you haven’t tried these indoor flowering plants before, we certainly recommend growing them. The colors of these plants, combined with the indoor gardening lights of your Smart Garden, will give your home a sense of coziness and warmth. 

Arriving home on a cold, dark evening and seeing your Smart Garden’s lights and flowers welcoming you through the window is an exceptional experience.


For more inspiration, head over to Discover how our Smart Gardens make growing greens indoors simple and enjoyable for all.

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