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Beginner’s Guide: Hygge Home Decor

Beginner’s Guide: Hygge Home Decor

What exactly is ‘hygge’? It’s actually a Danish expression, pronounced "hoo-gah". It’s used to describe an attitude of finding joy in life’s everyday moments. As the weather becomes colder, hygge is about appreciating coziness, warmth, family and practicing mindfulness.

When it comes to interior design trends, hygge is one of our favorites. We especially love its simplicity and the tranquility it inspires. If you want add a touch of hygge decor to your home, we’ve got some great tips to get you started.



Make use of cozy lighting

Candles, lamps and fireplaces are great examples of lighting used in hygge style decor. You will also find fairy lights in Scandinavian homes, creating a welcoming, homely vibe. Experiment with different lights to find ones that suit you best.


Make use of space

Is there a particular hobby you love practicing at home? If you have the space, set aside a separate little area where you can do what you love best, free from other distractions. If you love reading, why not set up a comfortable armchair and reading light with a collection of your favorite books on a coffee table?



Opt for neutral colors and patterns

Neutral colors, such as white, are very popular in hygge. You’ll notice that furniture and walls in hygge homes use neutral tones to create a calming atmosphere. The same can be said for paintings on the wall and little items dispersed around the room to give the space a homely feel.


Use soft cushions and large blankets

During the Spring and Summer months, opt for linen pillow cases and light weight blankets. During the Autumn and Winter months, swap them for faux fur pillows and heavier blankets to keep you warm. Experiment with different textures to find ones you feel most comfortable with.



Value randomness

Not every aspect of the room needs be symmetrical or perfectly ordered. Feel free to disperse random objects of interest around the room. These objects could be items that carry sentimental value and would be great conversation starters when guests come over. Such objects certainly add personality to your living space.


Turn your bathroom into a spa

Add a luxurious rug to your bathroom floor, making it a cozy place to walk. Invest in a thick, warm dressing gown to hang on the wall, perfect for slipping into after showering or taking a hot bath. Make your bathroom a place of retreat and relaxation, not just a place where you get ready in the morning.


Use your fireplace

If you’re fortunate enough to have a safe, usable fireplace in your home, why not make the most of it? Nothing compares to the experience of gathering around a cozy fire with friends and family. The light and warmth from the fire will help create a soft, intimate atmosphere.



Display your Smart Garden

Click & Grow Smart Garden’s unique, sleek design enables it to sit beautifully in any home. A splendid example of contemporary interiorscaping. It’s both simple and intriguing at the same time. The sight of plants growing in your kitchen or living room adds life to your surroundings. The garden’s lamp will also add to the warm, hygge ambience you have created in your home.



To discover more about us, including how to grow plants indoors using our Smart Gardens, head over to

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