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Growing Plants this Fall? Leaf it to us...

Growing Plants this Fall? Leaf it to us...

Need inspiration for gardening this season? We’ve got you covered!



Fall has well and truly arrived… The alarm clock rings. You wake up and it feels colder than usual. You begin to wish Summer was still here… But one momentary gaze out of your window fills you with new inspiration. Golden leaves now decorate your pathway. A slight mist blankets the top of the trees, bringing with it a sense of nostalgia. The earth is springing to attention. Fall is so poetic in many ways. Why not channel this inspiration into your gardening this season?

Temperatures have dropped but one of the amazing aspects of Click & Grow’s Smart Gardens is how they allow you to grow almost anything indoors, all year round. With so many plants available in our selection, there’s truly something to meet everyone’s taste.

Some particularly great flowers to grow in these colder months are Busy Lizzie and Moss Rose. As the Sun begins to set earlier, these flowers will add a touch of vibrancy and color to your living space.


Looking to grow edible plants?

Why not try Green LettuceDwarf Pea and Bloody Sorrel? All of these plants have been known to grow well during slightly colder months. Just imagine the aroma of a freshly cooked meal, sprinkled with delicious greens from your Smart Garden. A perfect combination for a chilly evening in the fall. These plants taste great and are very health conscious choices - ideal for helping fight the flu and common colds that seem to come around this time of year.


Christmas around the corner

As Fall arrives we also realize that Christmas is around the corner. Amazing how quickly time goes by isn’t it? No doubt many of us will be having family and friends over in the coming months. Now is a great time to start planning (and planting!) for Christmas. Sir Thomas More, the English statesman and writer who lived between 1478 and 1535, wrote about how he loved having Rosemary around his garden walls during the Holidays as it’s a herb associated with remembrance and friendship. Why not start growing Rosemary in your Smart Garden today?

Enjoy watching it grow and approach full size towards Christmas and beyond. Rosemary can be repotted and placed outside after approximately 4 months. With regular care it will last a long time.


Outdoor gardening

In addition to growing plants indoors using their Smart Gardens, a large portion of the Click & Grow community also love outdoor gardening. Let your balcony be the most eye-catching on the block. Incorporate plants such as Pansies and Celosia that really reflect Fall’s spectacular palette of colors. Remember when watering outdoor plants that the soil should be moist throughout but not wet or soaked. Create an outdoor space that will inspire others. Just imagine the scene for passers by: An outdoor balcony with beautifully potted plants… And as they gaze above the balcony towards the windowsill, inside they see a gorgeous Smart Garden filled with healthy plants. A charming example of today’s gardening meeting tomorrow’s technology.

Head over to and find out how these products can transform your gardening experience this Fall.

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