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Growing With: @randomactsofpastel

Growing With: @randomactsofpastel

With the end of summer coming around we have been obsessed with Alyssa Garrison's, aka @RandomActsofPastel, Instagram it is the perfect reminder of summertime with pretty pinks, homegrown plants and home cooked meals! Make sure to follow this soon-to-be mama on Instagram and enter her world of being pretty in pink. 

Click & Grow: Please tell our readers about your gardening background. Do you feel that you have a green thumb?

Random Acts of Pastel: I grew up in the garden with my great-grandmother Roma, and I like to think I learned a lot from her. I've had pretty good success keeping my houseplants alive and always start out with a veggie patch and good intentions every Spring, but I don't quite have the follow through to get a great harvest! Once things get too overgrown in the yard I tend to let nature take over a bit, but that's why growing veggies inside has been so awesome - it's easier to keep tabs on them!

CG: What does growing plants at home or growing your own food means for you? Do you feel any emotional connection with the plants you grow?

RAOP: There's so much pride in growing your own food - I love being able to boast "I made this meal with lettuce I grew myself!" when I have a friend over for lunch, or share my harvest with the ones I love when Summer ends. I think I put a lot of love into my plants, and when it comes to veggies you can really taste the difference!

CG: What are your favorite summer plants? Any favorite plant-based summer recipes?

RCOP: I love growing tomatoes - big ones, small ones, as many as I can! Nothing tastes better than a freshly picked garden tomato that's been ripening on the sun on a long summer day. I put them in everything, but I especially enjoy making a quick salsa and using it in a burrito bowl! Think lettuce, avocado, beans and rice, all topped with a crazy fresh homemade salsa. I'm getting hungry just thinking about it!

CG: Any tips on keeping your plants alive in summer?

RAOP: Don't give up! It's so important to water, weed, fertilize and trim your plants to keep them going the entire season. I tend to taper off on my care routine come August, but this year I'm working really hard to keep things going.

CG: How long have you been using the Smart Garden? What plants have you tried growing up to date and which ones are your favorites?

RAOP: I've had my Smart Garden since early Spring it's been the best addition to my kitchen. It's SO fun to watch how fast the little seedlings come up, and since it's warm outside, I move my homegrown seedlings out to the garden when I can to see how they grow in the wild. Lettuce has been my favourite to grow so far because the harvest is so rewarding and you can easily keep it inside the entire time, but I'm working on strawberries now, and I'm really hoping they turn out!

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