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Surprising ways gardening benefits kids

Surprising ways gardening benefits kids

Is gardening beneficial for kids? Most definitely… In more ways than we realise!

Gardening is often thought of as an adult’s occupation. Rarely do we associate the joys of gardening with younger generations. Perhaps it’s time for a paradigm shift.



At Click & Grow we believe wholeheartedly that everyone deserves clean, fresh, nutritious food. We particularly believe it’s important for kids to learn how to garden at an early age since it can really benefit their development. With this in mind we began an initiative called #GrowAndGiveBack. Each school that signed up for this initiative received an amazing Smart Garden 3 along with Basil pods for kids to grow in the classroom. Check out Sheffield Elementary School’s participation in the initiative here!

Teachers found that gardening actually gives kids a much better perspective on patience. Watching plants grow and reaching full size is a truly rewarding experience. It also helps build a sense of community. Watering a garden, trimming plants and harvesting are responsibilities that kids are able to share and enjoy together.

Outside the classroom

The tremendous benefits of gardening extend to life outside the classroom. It teaches kids that living things need to be cared for. In order for a plant to grow, it must be nurtured. Outdoor gardening especially demonstrates this. Plants need to be fed, watered and tended to on a daily basis in order for them to thrive.

Furthermore, gardening gives kids a positive experience in growing their own food. Developing the habit of growing your own food from a young age can be invaluable. As demonstrated in our #GrowAndGiveBack initiative, plants such as Basil are particularly great for kids to start with. Basil requires some patience but it’s known to be a quick sprouting herb. When it comes to pruning Basil, kids also gain hands-on experience with handling plants. It gives them a healthy sense of ownership and pride over what they grow.

The therapeutic side of gardening

It’s wonderful to consider how gardening is therapeutic to kids with special needs too.

A study carried out by the National Taiwan University suggests that outdoor activities can increase speaking ability in kids on the autism spectrum. This is due to the fact that outdoor elements rouse curiosity. This speaks volumes for the calming effect that activities like gardening can have.

Furthermore, a survey of 96 families asked parents which activities decrease their kid’s symptoms of Attention Deficit Disorder and which activities increase them. More often than not, parents selected “green” activities as having a positive effect on their kid’s symptoms.

With so many benefits available, why not introduce gardening to the young ones in your life today? Whether you have kids of your own, young cousins, nieces or nephews, gardening can be a fantastic way to bond and learn together.

Want to know more about what we do? Head over to and discover how our Smart Gardens make gardening simple and enjoyable for all. Also, keep a lookout for a brand new initiative we will be introducing in the future called #Growtogether. The relationship between gardening, education and young people continues to inspire us. In the course of time we will strive to develop this relationship even further.

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