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The Easiest DIY Indoor Garden You Should Try Making

The Easiest DIY Indoor Garden You Should Try Making


DIY indoor gardening is on the rise, and new projects are emerging from all corners of the almighty internet like mushrooms after rain. And for a reason - they can be very easy to make yet actually be effective, and there's no limits as to what you can make them like. If you're not exactly ready to build a full-on hi-tech vertical indoor farm yet, you can play around with the staple of any kitchen - mason jars and/or food containers.



A while back, we announced a competition where we gave away DIY kits to 10 people who would build their own indoor gardens with them. The ideas ranged from computer case gardens to chameleon terrarium gardens, but Bharathwaj V. decided to make things simpler, bring things down to Earth, and show how anyone can create a scalable, easy, effective indoor garden within minutes. Because everyone should!


Here's what you need

Mason jars (or any other kind of container), the DIY kit, Smart Soil capsules, and water. You can add a grow light to make sure it'll work - you can find tips on which ones to go for here

Here's what you do

1. Fill the mason jars with enough water to reach the DIY kit Smart Soil cups.

2. Put the Smart Soil in each DIY kit cup, and place it in the mason jar so that it "hangs" on the edges.

3. It's done! Place your DIY indoor garden on a sunny windowsill or even better yet - that, and under some good grow lights (click here for some grow light suggestions from our product developer).


Why use the Smart Soil for this?

As we wrote back in the day when we just started thinking about offering a DIY kit,

"(..) most DIY gardens and farms have one big problem in common - they tend to take a lot of time, effort and know-how to maintain and you still have to put a lot of energy in to make sure your plants won't die. Since our Smart Soil and plant capsule with the dome already function like a small greenhouse, it seems we might have a pretty great opportunity to really change how people grow their food."

Show us your DIY indoor gardens by posting them on our community forum! To get you started, you can shop the DIY kit and the Smart Soil plant capsules here.



Got any questions? Comment down below!

See more photos from Bharathwaj's community forum posts about his mason jar DIY garden and tupperware DIY garden!

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