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Mimosa Refill

Grow Mimosa at home!

Known as the “moving plant,” mimosa’s leaves are responsive to touch. When you poke or shake them, they temporarily fold in to keep themselves out of your reach.

Native to South and Central America, mimosa grows quickly and is, some say, even more entertaining than a movie marathon!

Read more about mimosa's movement here

Click & Grow Mimosa benefits:

  • Mimosa is a great conversation starter
  • One of the most mysterious plants in the world
  • Similarly exciting to children and grownups, it's magic
  • Mimosa is super easy to grow in your Click & Grow indoor garden
N.B. We're switching to a more sustainable plant capsule system, and you might receive your plant capsules without the plastic around the Smart Soil. Click here to read about how to use them.


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